OrionTropolis is a fully immersive, inter-planetary metaverse located in the center of Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, the three brightest stars in the Orion Constellation, otherwise known as Orion’s Belt or the Belt of Orion.

Orion Voxins are 10,000 of the most amazing, smart and talented voxel art creations and first citizens of the OrionTropolis Metaverse.  Created by a custom generative algorithm, then registered on the Polygon/ETHblockchain.

At NFTLabs360 we help crypto, NFT and Metaverse entrepreneurs build million dollar NFT Collections and Marketing campaigns: From Art Design, 2D and 3D Model generation,  smart contracts and Dapp Applications.

The OrionTropolis $OCO Token is the Utility Token of the OrionTroplois Metaverse and is currently available for purchase for Orion Voxin community members and NFT holders!